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Service and Rates

Aboard the Destination we offer a variety of private charters ranging from as few a 4 hours to as many as 24 hours.

Each trip can be spent bottom fishing, trolling or enjoying a little of each. Captain Stan always works with the customers to develop a plan for the day based on their wishes, his recommendations and the length of the trip. These are private charters and on most trips we can carry up to 23 passengers. This makes the Destination a great choice for corporate trips, multi-family and wedding party trips. There is really no reason to leave anyone out.

$225 an hour Includes
up to 6 passengers.
Each additional passenger
add 10% (7 and up).
4 hours $900 + $90 per additional passenger
5 hours $1,125 + $112 per additional passenger
6 hours $1,350 + $135 per additional passenger
8 hours $1,800 + $180 per additional passenger
10 hours $2,250 + $225 per additional passenger
12 hours $2,700 + $270 per additional passenger
14 hours $3,150 + $315 per additional passenger
18 hours $4,050 + $405 per additional passenger
24 hours $5,400 + $540 per additional passenger

* $225 an hour -- include up to 6 passengers.
* Add 10% for each additional passenger (7 and up).
* Prices are for cash and checks, add 3% for credit card transactions.
* June 1st - August 15th - 8 person fee is the minimum rate*

Half Day Trips (4, 5 or, 6 hours)

Check Charter AvailabilityThese trips are all about fun and getting a taste of what the Gulf has to offer. We offer morning and afternoon departures.

All Day Trips (8,10 or 12 hours)

These trips give us a chance to get a little further offshore. We still focus on having a lot of fun but we do get pretty serious about the fishing.

Specialty trip (18 hours)

These trips certainly offer you the chance to get out and do some serious fishing. We depart from the Marina at midnight, travel about 50 miles during the night, and then fish our way back. The maximum capacity for this trip is 11 passengers.

Specialty Trip (24 hours)

This is similar to the 18 hour except that we leave at 6:00 pm, and travel up to 80 miles during the night. You can keep a two day limit of fish on these this trip. We carry a maximum of 11 passengers on this trip.

We can customize any trip to your needs, so feel free to call with any questions. Call 850.259.3778 or click here to use our online form.